About FireHouse Vapes

I was a tobacco user for over 37 years. Of the 37 years, 32 of these have been while I have been a Firefighter in the metro Atlanta area of Georgia, hence the creation of FireHouse Vapes. I did not smoke but I used snuff, or “dip” as some folks call it. It became such a habit that I no longer thought or realized how nasty and unhealthy of a habit it was. A good friend of mine came by to lend a hand with our other addiction/hobby: saltwater aquariums. He was using a contraption he called his “vape.” To condense the story timeline, many hundreds of dollars later and a obsession that has yet to be satisfied, I was a “Vapor” and non-tobacco user and have been for over 2 years!

Once I realized the benefit of using the ecig, I started campaigning my fellow firefighters to quit using tobacco products and to start vaping! I have had a decent amount of success in converting the diehards to a safer, healthier alternative. To help promote a lifestyle change to a healthier habit, FireHouse Vapes offers a discount to ALL Public Safety and Service persons on a day-to-day basis. All you need to do to use this 10% discount is scan your ID and paste the link in the comment section with your order. Another way we support our fellow brothers and sisters in the great firefighter family is that we take a portion of all our profits and support the Firefighters Benevolent fund.

At FireHouse Vapes, we want to earn your business and to do so we have a philosophy that we want to treat everyone as we would like to be treated. You have a lot of choices in the Vaping industry, but our hope is that you will give us the opportunity to earn your business.

Flavor Selection(s)

FireHouse Vapes presently has over 200 recipes. We are coming online with limited selections so that we can better regulate and gauge demand and provide our customers with the best buying experience possible. As we figure out what consumers want and what is in our best interest to produce, we will make more flavors available.

Flavor and Nicotine Info

We try as best we can to utilize “all natural extracts” at FireHouse Vapes. If we utilize a flavor additive that is not natural, we will do our best to note it as “natural/artificial,” even if only one ingredient of the flavor is artificial. Unless otherwise noted, all of the flavorings here at FireHouse Vapes are “all natural extracts.”

FireHouse Vapes’ nicotine is simply the best vaping-grade nicotine available. Alchem International produces it as NicSelect. Alchem International is the ONLY FDA approved and inspected facility in the world. NicSelect is always extracted and distilled from the actual tobacco plants and is never made from synthetics or extracted from lesser quality forms such as Nicotine sulfate. NicSelect nicotine is the highest grade, made for vaping nicotine available and is what is used here at FireHouse Vapes.

Ejuice Manufacturing

Our flavors are produced at a Co-Packing facility that meets all industry standards in the Food and Beverage Service. We are not a company producing eliquid/ejuice in a backroom or substandard non-inspected location. Depending on demand, most of our eliquid has been steeped and is ready for your use when it arrives at your location. If we meet an unexpected shortage based on demand, we may ship a juice that has not quite steeped/aged as long as we would like, but sometimes this is unavoidable. We strive to provide only the highest quality eliquid possible in today’s market. You have a choice and we hope that you chose to give FireHouse Vapes the opportunity for your business.